Launch buttons for GitHub readme files

Have you ever looked at a GitHub project and thought, ‘I’d like to give this a go, but it will take me an hour or more to get it all up and running on a server because it has so many dependencies’?

I have and so I added a new feature to Chill Code that allows developers to embed a “Launch” button inside the readme file that takes users directly to the fork page for  a project. This means that developers on a GitHub project can build a Chill that models all the dependencies, the startup commands, the configuration parameters and which references the code on GitHub. New users can fork the Chill and have the project running on AWS in under 5 minutes.

Below is a screenshot taken from an example I created that allows users to install our demo projects quickly:


You can see this example here.

Here is the markdown:

<img src="" alt="Drawing" width="32" height="32" />    [![Deploy Button](](

In this instance, I have provided an icon to represent the project (Tomcat), and a link to the fork page ( Just replace these references with your own and you’re away with your own GitHub Launch button.

Of course, this is a markdown example, but you can use the same image and approach in any piece of HTML, such as the front page of a project.

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